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Rothwell In-Line Attenuator
Does this sound familiar?

too loud
way too loud

It's a common problem. The usable range on the volume control is all down at the bottom end and fine control at low listening levels is either difficult or impossible. The noise floor may be audible too. There is now a simple and effective solution - the Rothwell in-line attenuators.


They can be used with pre/power or integrated amps to cure the problems of excess gain and bring sonic benefits, even with the most expensive equipment.

Excellent reviews in Hi-Fi Choice, Hi-Fi World and Hi-Fi Plus.

Manufacturer's Product Description: Rothwell In-Line Attenuators
High quality, close tolerance attenuators giving a 10dB reduction in signal amplitude. These audiophile devices can be used to attenuate the output from CD players for better pre-amp headroom, or to reduce the gain of pre/power amp combos to give better control of volume at low levels and improved signal to noise ration. For more information about these attenuators and other audiophile products, see the Rothwell website.

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