Sound Improvement Disc
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SIP - Sound Improvement Platform

The SIP is an acoustic isolation platform that is made out of a special Acoustic Steel that contains a patented polymar producing an effect called constained layer damping. The standard size is 400mm x 300mm (or to special order) and only 3mm thick which gives enough space for it to be placed under a CD player/ Amp / Turntable that is mounted in a rack. The SIP is made with five 5mm dia. holes and can be installed in three different ways:

1. It can be placed flat on an existing shelf directly under a CD player/Amp/ Turntable
2. It can be placed on three of the four balls and feet supplied with the SIP.
3. When the CD player/Amp/Turntable is heavy the SIP can be placed on four balls and feet.


The improvement in the sound after the SIP is installed should be immediately noticable in that the music is free from all restraints and will flow more freely giving a much better insight into the music.The background is inky black therefore allowing so much more detail to come through.


As our motto says - JUST TRUST YOUR EARS

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