Sound Improvement Disc
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SID-A - Sound Improvement Disc "A"
The positive way to improve your analoge front end


The SID "A" is a Sound Improvement Disc for your analogue record player.
The SID "A" is a constrained layer construction ie. anti-magnetic stainless steel / polycarbon / stainless steel lamination.
This same principle is used in the construction of the Sound Improvement Platform (See test in "HIFI & Records" Nr.3 /2003). The SID "A" has a special micro fibre material attached to it to give the record perfect drive and to connect it to the SID "A" to make it as one.

SID-A Sketch

Just place the SID "A" on your turntable and adjust the pickup arm to correct height, sit back and enjoy the music like never before. A silent background, a deep natural bass, clear middle and silky high frequency. Background noise is reduced to an absolute minumum leaving just pure music to enhance your ears.

As our motto says - JUST TRUST YOUR EARS

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